Why Choose Bamboo  

It is Fast Growing and Easily Renewable,

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant growing around four metres each year, it can be harvested every few years without seeing a reduction in the size of the forest

Bamboo is Great for the Environment

Bamboo absorbs two times more carbon dioxide than trees, and generates an enormous amount of oxygen, up to 30% more than most plants and trees

Bamboo plants have strong roots in the ground which makes the soil more stable, it stabilizes and restores the land and has benefits to countries that are prone to landslides

Bamboo helps protect biodiversity, living organisms such as animal and plant providing both home and food, giant pandas alone rely on Bamboo

Bamboo is Safe and Hygienic

Bamboo fibres have a substance known as “Bamboo Kun” which makes Bamboo naturally anti-bacterial, preventing bacteria and microbes from growing on Bamboo making it the perfect plant for use in tissue and hygienic products such as Bamboo straws and cutlery

Bamboo is Strong and Durable

Often referred as the new “green steel” for its versatility and strength in construction, for example homes are now being built entirely from this robust plant

In summary, Bamboo is increasingly being used across many fields, it creates no real problem for the environment and helps preserve our planet the way it’s meant to be!

The LS Look Sharp Team