LS Look Sharp - 100% Bamboo Rotating Makeup Organiser

New Product - Rotating 100% Bamboo Makeup & Cosmetic Organiser

by Paul Robertson on Jan 29, 2024

New Product - Rotating 100% Bamboo Makeup & Cosmetic Organiser

100% Bamboo Makeup & Cosmetic Organiser - Rotating 360 Degree

Rotating Bamboo Makeup Organiser

Transform your vanity

Introducing our 100% bamboo rotating makeup & cosmetic organiser with adjustable shelve height for perfumes, brushes, lipsticks, skincare, aerosols & jewellery. Our 100% bamboo organizer has a 260 degree lazy susan large non-tilting base - Embrace Sustainable Elegance 

Made from 100% Bamboo 

Bamboo is a member of the grass family, it is strong, robust and is sustainable and renewable and will not cause any harm to the environment, whilst protecting our planet for future generations the way it should be! - Has no Plastic or Acrylic  


Spacious Beauty Organiser 

Experience the innovation of two types of removable shelves with height adjustment, customise your beauty haven with modular shelves and triangular compartment for loose bits and pieces

Our makeup and cosmetic organiser is made for you to customise to suit your requirements!

Modern & Stylish

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with our 360 degree rotating bamboo makeup organiser. Crafted for those who appreciate stylish bamboo sophistication  

Revolutionises your beauty routine  and stands as a symbol of enduring style and grace 

Modern & Stylish

Rotating Base & Top Storage 

Effortlessly access your favourite products with the lazy susan swivel base, providing a seamless 360 rotation 

Top storage to cover all your needs, experience simplicity in beauty access, ensuring your everyday essentials are neatly held in place and elevate your beauty space with ease 

Rotating Base & Top Storage

Bamboo is a sustainable & eco-friendly material, it grows quickly and does not require pesticides or fertilizers, making it a great choice for conscious minded people of their environmental footprint 

Bamboo productsare durable and long lasting and will withstand long term use without scratches or dents ensuring the LS Look Sharp organizers will serve you well for years to come 

Elegant & Aesthetic look will enhance your home bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or office space, they add a touch of sophistication and style while providing practical storage solutions

Summary, bamboo is increasingly being used across many fields, it creates no real problem for the environment and helps preserve our planet the way it’s meant to be!

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LS Look Sharp Team 

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